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At Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning we live on our reputation and every customer becomes our mouthpiece.

We take care of your carpets & soft furnishings to extend their lifespan saving the need to replace as often as you otherwise would.


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Carpet Cleaning Ballarat

Ever noticed how much dust and dirt can be seen on a tiled surface or floorboards? Now just imagine that’s exactly what’s building up in the fibres of your carpet, potentially leading to allergies and illness. Stains and discolouration can be unsightly and the toxins unhealthy for your loved ones.

The dangerous thing about carpet though is that the dirt and debris is often invisible, building up deep within the carpet fibres where it can’t be seen and where you don’t think to clean. This is why professional steam carpet cleaning is so important – it goes where regular cleaning methods cannot.

At Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning, we provide carpet cleaning to Ballarat and the surrounding areas   to keep your home or office cleaner, safer and more hygienic for everyone.

Cleaning Service Ballarat

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Moving out of your home or office space at the end of the lease or before you sell the property can be an exhausting and stressful task. In between packing and cleaning you’ll also need to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned.

At Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning, not only do we offer routine Carpet Cleaning services Ballarat wide, but also comprehensive end of lease services, to lessen the burden of moving and help you get your full bond back.

Our end of lease carpet cleaning will leave your Ballarat property clean and sparkling

Make moving easier on yourself and let one of our Carpet Cleaners Help You Today!

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Cleaning Service Ballarat

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A dirty office environment is an easy way to put off potential new clientele and make your employees feel miserable. Maybe that’s why they are clocking up so many ‘sick’ days as carpets filled with dust, grime, fungi and creepy crawlies turn your workplace into a toxic breeding ground.

Advanced Star professional Carpet Cleaning Ballarat wide is the solution.

We are here to help by providing your business with commercial carpet cleaning in Ballarat and surrounding districts. Our commercial carpet cleaner service is thorough and affordable.

You can trust that we will clean and freshen up your carpet so it looks like new again in no time, no matter what business you’re in.

Cleaning Service Ballarat

Upholstery and Couch Cleaning

Are you trying to cover up food stains on your sofa with a throw?

Let us at Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning in Ballarat resolve this for you with our professional upholstery cleaning service which will help rid you of those mystery stains and thus making your furniture look brand new again.

From settees and sofas to cushions and mattresses, Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning uses advanced cleaning technology and methods to deliver visible results that also go deep beneath the surface.

We provide effective upholstery cleaning throughout Ballarat to restore your furniture to its original glory, making whites whiter and colours brighter.