We were established over 20 years ago in Ballarat as Lance Elliott Cleaning Services and have recently transitioned to our new name being Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning. As the years have gone by we have increased our knowledge and understanding of the processes used within the carpet cleaning industry making us Ballarat’s most trusted carpet cleaner.

When we started out there was basically one way fits all approach for carpet cleaning being a “Shampoo and motorised dry clean” however we felt this approach had been found lacking and knew there must a better way. It was this feeling that then led us to our greatest leap forward and adopting steam cleaning carpets by the way of Hot water Extraction and we have never looked back.

We started attending conventions, training with industry leaders, learning different approaches for different situations , building up an arsenal of different machinery and chemicals so every situation commercial and domestic would be able to be treated the way it should be and not just the only way we knew up to that point.

Most importantly of all, we started to earn the trust of the Ballarat community to clean their carpets and when you provide a great service from first call to aftercare …. people pass this trust on helping us build up our business.

This is why Advanced Star Carpet cleaning takes very seriously its reputation as Ballarat No. 1 carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Cleaning Ballarat

Trusted for Price and Service

Ballarat most knowledgeable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists!
  • Embarrassed in front of the guests?
  • Sick of seeing the same old grubby walkways?
  • Baby on the way?

Whatever the reason a cleaner fresher healthier carpet will spruce up your home and you can be surprised how much this adds to a general sense of well being.

How often do you mop your kitchen floor?

Now think about the colour of the dirty water once you have finished – and how often you have your carpets cleaned compared to this? Not nearly as frequently yet the foot traffic is the same.

If you’ve never had your carpets cleaned before you can be ASTOUNDED with the results!

After Care ...

…  so this is another area in which we at Advanced Star Carpet Cleaning like to stand out from the crowd.

For example, in a small % of cases stains may reappear on drying. If this does happen just make a quick call and we will call back free of charge and take care of this using an appropriate method.